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The Governing Body

As unpaid, voluntary public servants, School Governors are entrusted, in partnership with the Headteacher, with the responsibility for establishing and maintaining the aims, values and ethos of the school; deciding policies; supervising its management, and monitoring its performance, leaving the head to manage the school from day to day. The Governors also have responsibilities for finance and senior staffing. In everything they do, they must by law aim to promote high standards of educational achievement at the school. The governors work closely with our Local Education Authority and are accountable to them and to the parents, pupils and community served by the school.

At the Collaboration of East Harptree & Ubley Primary Schools, the governors'  responsibilities have involved them in 6 formal meetings of the full Governing Body in the past year, and several voluntary meetings with staff or the LightHouse Schools Partnership


 Role Name  Governor Type 

Term of Office

 Area of responsibility



 Ms Jan Gibbs




Co-Opted Governor 




18/07/2019 -17/07/2023

Appointed by Trustee Board

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Lizzy Lyons

Co-Opted Governor

18/07/2019 - 17/07/2023

Appointed by Trustee Board 

Senior Leadeship Team and Safetguarding 


Mrs Jane Bailey Head Teacher N/A Senior Leadership Team


Deputy Head

Mrs Cathy Brown Staff 2018 - 2022 Senior Leadership Team

Deputy Head 

Mrs Jo Brady Staff


resigned 31/8/20  

Senior Leadership Team 

Mrs Catherine Eveness

Co-Opted Governor



Appointed by Trustee Board 


Special Educational Needs & Disability

Early Years

Vacancy EH Parent Governor


Mrs Laura Cannon Co-Opted Governor



Appointed by Trustee Board

Resigned 31/08/2020


Mr Matt Eagon

Co-Opted Governor Resigned 31st October 2019 Premises and Maths
Mr Jay Willis Co-Opted Governor



Resigned 21/09/2020


Mrs Ali Griffiths Foundation Governor 2019 - 2023 Ethos
Mrs Jane Williams Foundation Governor 25/11/2018 24/11/2022




Ms Kate Corcoran

Parent Governor



Parent Election  



Mrs Elspeth Tranter

Clerk to the Governors



At the start of each meeting we ask all Governors to declare any business interest related to items on the agenda.

At the present time no member of the Governing Body has any personal relationship with any other Governor or member of the schools' staff.

If you wish to speak with a member of the Governing Body, please contact Mrs Elspeth Tranter via Ubley school office and she will arrange an appointment for you.  Alternatively you can contact the Governors by email on elspeth.tranter@ubley.school